“Beating”… A Defensive and Offensive Method that Can be Corrected

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Generally, children have different ways to express their anger or defend themselves, but beating is one of the most prominent methods recurring at different stages of their lives. Children might beat their mothers if they don’t meet their demands; they might beat their elder siblings to defend themselves, or even beat their peers at the nursery or the kindergarten. Educational experts consider that children’s use of their hands is a normal phenomenon, especially if they can’t comprehend the harm that is caused by beating. However, this approach requires immediate attention before becoming a habitual action. Before you start addressing this issue, make sure you don’t hit or spank your child when they misbehave. Make sure children are not subject to violence by their friends or those who surround them. It is key to ensure that the nanny at the kindergarten or the nursery follows a nice and non-aggressive style to correct and discipline children. We, at Little Academy Nursery, have experienced staff who deal with children and address and correct their behavior in a verbal and understanding manner. Our educators further help parents solve children’s aggressive problems by helping them release their negative energy. Another method that helps your child avoid beating is to explain to them that physical behavior is not a likeable action and will not change the problem, and in return, they might face punishment if they repeat the action. When you feel your child is angry, help them discharge their feelings using positive methods. A always, remember to listen carefully to your child to better understand their needs and concerns.

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