At Little Academy Nursery, we aim to work in close partnership with our parents. We understand that partnership between the nursery team and parents makes each child’s time in the nursery more rewarding, especially when learning new skills such as potty training.

Parental Support and Communication

We know how important it is for parents to communicate with our professional teaching staff, and to feel comfortable sharing information with them. At Little Academy Nursery, communication between the nursery and the parent is paramount. Therefore, we have implemented the following to make the paths of communication stronger
  • Our nursery door is always open. Call to check on your child anytime or pop in to see how they are doing on our CCTV monitors in reception.

  • Back to school night and an orientation night.

  • Each parent is invited to a monthly parent-teacher conferences to discuss their child’s progress and share stories about their time in the nursery.

  • Parent seminars to help our parents address and engage any parenting concerns.

  • Each child is given a communication journal. We invite parents to write to their child’s teacher and to check it every day for a detailed report of their child’s day.

  • Each teacher has her own nursery email account. Each parent is more than welcome to get in touch with them for details of events or theme days coming up.

  • Our administrative staff regularly emails parents with the latest nursery news.

  • We also have a Facebook page with news, events and pictures for you to enjoy.

  • Each parent will receive an end of year portfolio that reflects their child’s memories and performance throughout the year.